Below are several issues students have run into during PARCC testing and possible solutions to each issue.

*Note: To reboot Chromebook hold down the refresh button, then press the power button. Release both buttons.

  1. NEVER USE THE TAB KEY IN AN ANSWER. It will kick you out of the test and you will have to log back in.
  2. NEVER SUBMIT TEST SESSION until student has completed all units.
  3. Students screen is stuck on ‘Loading’
  4. Spacebar quits working
    1. Click out of the answer box, click into the answer box.
    2. Go back a question and forward a question.
  5. Keyboard stops working – Go back a question and forward a question.
  6. Video loading and not hearing sound
    1. Try  going back a question then forward
    2. Exit the test by logging out and resuming
    3. Reboot computer
  7. 3017 Error when logging into testnav – Give a new Chromebook and give bad one to tech
  8. Chromebook crashes or spins when going to the same question  for a student– switch chromebook
  9. Students get kicked out – resume student even if it says they are still active
  10. If student status is ‘Resumed’ and they are actively taking the test ignore the Resumed status (glitch with PARCC)