Teachers:  Mr. Foster and Mrs. Wilson
History Brigade and Book Club members met regularly throughout the fall to organize and create a school-wide “Genre Room” and scavenger hunt day, as well as other activities to promote reading during History/Teen Read Week in November. The club members created 5 Genre Rooms: Science Fiction, Survival, Mythology, Fantasy, and Pop Culture. Students in grades 7-12 traveled to these Genre Rooms where they participated in games and activities and were introduced to literature from those genres. The activity culminated with a scavenger hunt among grade levels, requiring students to work in groups to answer questions and find clues throughout the school relating to the genres. Additional contests and activities for grades 7-12 included the “Unplugged Challenge”– a challenge to put down devices and technology and read– getting “Caught Reading,” and dressing up as people from history or literature. Students earned tickets for participating which were then entered into a prize drawing.

Students played Mythology Bingo and “Head Bandz” to guess which god or goddess they were in the Mythology Room.

The Survival Room included a variety of books about Survival (many by Bear Grylls), and demonstrations on how to start a campfire and pack for the outdoors.
Students learn how to build a campfire in the Survival Room.
In the Sci-Fi Room, students “shot” aliens with Nerf guns and played Sci-fi Trivia.

Trivia challenges took place in the Fantasy Room (led by some Harry Potter enthusiasts!)
Students played Pop Culture Jeopardy! (Led by Dwight Schrute)
History Brigade and Book Club members made this a memorable day for our students.