Teachers:  Mrs. Benitez and Mr. Thomas

During this project, the 8th graders also attempted to answer the question, “How can extreme cultural differences lead to a separation of society and escalate to conflict?”   Students began to analyze the concept of sectionalism and how it significantly impacted the southern population in regard to policies put into place by the federal government.  Additionally, students researched specific large plantations so that they could develop a real life point of view about what it would be like to feel that your belief system and way of life was under attack.

In addition, students in 8th and 4th grade History classes worked together on an Underground Railroad simulation.  After reading Freedom Train, the biography of Harriet Tubman, and studying Ohio’s participation in the abolitionist movement and Underground Railroad, 4th grade students took on a slave name and created character sketches and biographies of made-up slaves. They shared these with hosting “Cities” (classrooms throughout the school) on the Underground Railroad during our simulation.