How can we as second graders raise awareness for endangered species so they do not become extinct? 

How can we as Biology students bring awareness to the endangered species in our world and contribute to saving these species?

Our high school Biology II students and our 2nd grade students were studying similar concepts concerning endangered species in our world, so they teamed up to raise awareness about endangered species.

2nd Grade Teachers:  Miss Jettinghoff and Mrs. Schwartz

Students will learn about endangered animals and their biomes, then will research one endangered animal from their assigned biome. Students will raise money by selling goldfish crackers in the lunchroom to adopt an endangered animal from the World Wildlife Fund. After raising money, students will receive a plush animal along with an adoption kit for the endangered animal.

Biology II Teacher:  Mrs. Souder

Students will be writing a children’s book about an endangered species in their selected biome. Students will work with elementary students to come up with ideas about their endangered species. Bio II students will write the book and come up with a way to contribute to saving this species, possibly selling their books and collecting donations to give to the cause of saving their species. 

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May be an image of 3 people, child, people standing and indoor

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