Financial Aid season is here and I wanted to list some resources for you. First of all, I  will review this information with the seniors mid October.  

Dates to remember:

  • October 1- FAFSA can be filed for 2023-24 school year using 2021 tax year (referred to as prior prior year).
  • November 9- Parent Information meeting at 7 pm (after fall sports awards) in the multipurpose room at HN.
  • February 1-March 1- Most colleges set a deadline in this range for when FAFSA must be filed to be eligible for financial aid from the university or college.  A few have moved their deadline up to mid November so the early FAFSA is filled out, the better


  1. Cover Letter: download this first as it contains a summary of all links below. This was given to seniors in a hard copy form.
  2. Do You Need Money For College, an overview
  3. General info letter Several key pieces of information and an invitation to several opportunities for help and information.
  4. PPT fall parent info night: General information on Financial Aid.
  5. PPT given to counselors: good summary
  6. who are considered parents for FAFSA?
  7. Financial Aid Glossary
  8. Common Abbreviations in Financial Aid
  9. Financial Aid Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Websites
  10. Scholarship Search Strategies
  11. Financial Aid Consultants and Scholarship Search Services Fact Sheet
  12. Scholarship applications available at Hardin Northern are listed on the left side of this web site!
  13. College Cost Comparison Sheet
  14. Federal Loan Info
  15. FAFSA deadlines for Ohio colleges links you to the online filing system for FAFSA.  Remember, you can’t file until after October 1, 2022.

The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators web site is full of good information, and so is the Federal Government’s financial aid website,

You can find great tutorials on Youtube on how to fill out the FAFSA!