Hardin Northern Elementary 4th Quarter Honor Roll

Elementary All A Honor Roll 3rd Grade– Ryker Kindle, Ivan Rodabaugh, Jase Rodabaugh, John Spiese, Vivian Wilson, Lily Valentine 4th Grade– Reagan Camper, Jyles Conley, Sophia Faber, Rune Frater, Brody […]

2021-2022 Academic Award Winners for Elementary. Way to go students! Congratulations on your accomplishments! #HNProud Kindergarten- Reading-Abel Sprang Math-Isaac Moore & Dominic Hall 1st Grade- Reading-Brody Hopson & Jesse Montgomery […]

Elementary Honor Awards 2021-2022

Elementary Honor Awards- For Outstanding Achievement of all A’s & B’s throughout the 2021-2022 school year. #HNProud 3rd Grade- Avery Ayers, Carly Conner, Chris Gault, Braxton Mullett, Landon Price, Paisley […]

Elementary GRIT award winners for 2021-2022 school year!

Elementary GRIT award winners for 2021-2022 school year! Kindergarten-Jonny Boden, Kinsley Guyton, Dawson Helton, Isaac Moore, Mary Morgan, Thomas Spiese, Abel Sprang, Isabella Weihrauch 1st Grade-Lincoln Crossman, Harper Faber, Cody […]

Elementary top GRIT award winners for 2021-2022 school year!

Congratulations to the elementary top GRIT students per grade for 2021-2022 school year! Kindergarten-Dawson Helton 1st Grade-Lyla Rodabaugh 2nd Grade-Karlie Weihrauch 3rd Grade- Ivan Rodabaugh 4th Grade-Rhiley Robey 5th Grade-Benji […]

5th Grade Has Read 157 Picture Books and Counting This School Year

The 5th Grade has read 157 picture books and counting this school year! Mrs. Settlage started each ELA class by sharing a book.  Picture books are not just for small […]

2nd Grade Studies Dinosaurs and fossils.

Second grade has been studying dinosaurs and fossils. After learning about four different types of fossils, students were able to make their own. The class made mold fossils, cast fossils, […]

Bad News Bears-Mary 2, 2022

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C2fAsaFZyvrufJfc0pljbSdLFeNfHWPV/view?usp=sharing Related Posts:Bad News Bears – April 25, 2022Bad News Bears January 10, 2022Bad News Bears January 18, 2022Bad News Bears February 14, 2022Bad News Bears March 28, 2022Bad News […]

1st Grade Celebrates Earth Day

The first grade at Hardin Northern took a nature walk in order to celebrate Earth Day. As the students walked they had a scavenger hunt list. They found things that were […]

Miss Ohio Visits the 4th Grade

The fourth graders had a special visit from Miss Ohio, Lora Current! She shared some of her own academic struggles and how she was able to overcome them with hard […]