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As a new employee of Hardin Northern School I’m sure you have many questions and are not sure who to ask or where to find the answers.  There are many forms and information necessary before you can be added to our payroll.  I hope you will find this information helpful in answering most of your questions.

You will need to submit the following items before you can be added to the payroll:

  • College transcripts (If position requires)
  • Prior experience from another district (for proper salary placement)
  • State certification or license (if position requires)
  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation and FBI verification
  • Federal and state tax forms
  • Federal I-9 form with the required I.D.’s
  • STRS or SERS retirement paperwork
  • Direct deposit form (required for all full time staff)
  • A signed contract (if applicable)

Our staff is what makes Hardin Northern Local Schools great!  Please feel free to contact me whenever other questions arise.  Welcome to Hardin Northern!

Brennon Hattery,


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my first Check?
Before anyone can be paid by Hardin Northern they must be hired by the HN Board of Education. Your position, contract, and date of hire will be the determining factor of your first paycheck. Full time staff members are paid on a 26 pay bi-weekly annual schedule. The schedule is posted on the HR financial page.

Can I do Direct Deposit?
Direct deposit is mandatory for all staff members that fall under either the certified or classified bargaining agreements. You must complete a direct deposit form in order to receive direct deposits. Direct deposit notices will be emailed to you on the Thursday prior to the pay date. Please remember to notify the treasurer prior to making any bank changes that your direct deposit is directed!

Do I Have benefits?
  • Your level of benefits are determined by the position you a have been hired for and the current negotiated agreement that you fall under. Please setup a time with the treasurer to review your options.
  • The district also has a number of annuity and other investment products available for our staff members. These products can be reviewed by appointment with the treasurer.
Do you take Social Security out of my check?
Ohio schools pay into either the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) for certified positions or the School Employee Retirement System (SERS) for classified positions. We do not pay into Social Security. The STRS employee pays 14% of earnings into the retirement system and the school district matches your contribution with the 14% employer share. The SERS employee pays 10% of earnings into the retirement system with the district paying 14%. These benefits are pre-taxed so that your taxable income is lowered, resulting in a lesser tax burden for the employee.
Will the district withhold city income tax?
HN has most of the surrounding city/village tax deductions setup for courtesy withholding on behalf of our staff. Please inform the treasurer upon submission of your new hire paperwork if you desire to have this tax withheld.
What is the Employee Kiosk?
  • The Kiosk is an online leave program that the district uses to manage sick, personal, professional, vacation, and dock days. The type of leave days available to you depend on your position. The instructions for how to use the KIOSK can be found on the Employee Kiosk page.
  • Full time staff members accrue sick leave at a rate of 1.25 days per month for a total of 15 sick days per year. Sick leave can be applied for by using the employee KIOSK.
  • Full time staff members have 3 personal days available. Rules for the use of personal days are governed by the individual bargaining agreements.
I think I have an error on my Paycheck?
We strive to make sure that errors do not happen, however, there are times when we do have to deal with this situation. All errors will be corrected on the payroll that follows the pay in which it occurred.