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I send my greetings to everyone on behalf of the Board of Education, staff, and students of the Hardin Northern School District. I trust you had a happy holiday season renewing friendships and spending quality time with family. I have a few updates to share with you and then an excerpt from an article I recently posted on a professional website about the future direction that I think Hardin Northern and all Ohio schools should be allowed to pursue.

As for the updates, there are many activities that are going strong this time of the year. The FFA and FCCLA programs continue to be involved in the school and community, the senior class and eighth grade have been raising funds for their respective trips this spring, and the basketball teams are well into their seasons.

At the January board meeting re-elected school board members were sworn into service. All of the board members; Kenny Hopson, Chris Rodabaugh, Kathy Schroeder, Tim Roby, and Michelle Obenour were recognized for their service to the students, staff, and community in the work they do for the school. For the coming year Tim Roby will be the Board President and Kathy Schroeder Vice-President. Michelle Obenour will be the treasurer pro-tempore.

Finally, the district has almost completed another strategic plan with the help of nearly 80 people representing the staff and community. There were 5 groups or teams that focused on Technology, Academics, Co-Curricular, Community Relations, and Facilities. Each team has finished their work individually and will be bringing the plan together for presentation to the Board of Education in February.

Below is my perspective of how and why strategic planning and local accountability are more important in defining our school district then the grade we receive on a state created report card. I will continue to provide additional thoughts and updates in the district’s direction as we complete the strategic planning process. Stay warm and be safe…

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