With the beginning of the new school year, there will be a lot of new faces at Hardin Northern. As of the writing of this article, the new people are:

The new superintendent will be Jeff Price. Dr. Price returns to Hardin Northern where he previously was the superintendent, a teacher, a coach and a student. Since leaving Hardin Northern eight years ago Dr. Price has traveled to Delphos Jefferson and Ohio Hi Point, serving as the superintendent in both of these districts. Dr. Price is replacing Doug Roberts who retired.

The new elementary principal will be Brett Halsey. Mr. Halsey is also returning to Hardin Northern where he was a student and, later, an assistant football coach. Mr. Halsey has taught at Ridgemont and Delphos Jefferson. Mr. Halsey is replacing Sally Henrick who took a position at Ridgemont.

Nathan Ruhlen will also be returning to Hardin Northern as a kindergarten teacher. Nathan is a graduate of Hardin Northern and has been a coach for the last few years. Mr. Ruhlen taught pre-school at Kenton last year. Mr. Ruhlen is replacing Janette Karcher who retired.

Erica Marquis will join us as a second grade teacher. She has been teaching first grade in the Marion City School District. Ms. Marquis attended Benjamin Logan High School and also earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Bowling Green State University in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Marquis is replacing Emily Warner who took a position in the Bluffton School District.

Samantha Hassen is the new teacher in the fifth grade this year. Ms. Hassen comes to us from Chamberlin Hill Intermediate School. She is a 2014 graduate of the University of Findlay where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education. Ms. Hassen is taking over for Travis Rettig who moved to the High School to teach math and science.

Sarah Betts will be joining us as a new sixth grade teacher. Ms. Betts comes to us from Corner Stone Academy in Westerville, Ohio. Ms. Betts attended Van Buren High School and is also a graduate of the University of Findlay with a Master’s Degree in education. Ms. Betts is replacing Carla Stevenson who took over the school nurse position.

Melissa Stoepfel comes to us from Lake Local School District. She will be an intervention teacher in grades 9 – 12. Ms. Stoepfel is replacing Jennifer Fryman who took a job in the Findlay School System.

Mary Zeller comes to us after a number of years in the Crawford School System. Ms. Zeller will be an intervention teacher in the elementary and she replaces Stephenie Jordan who moved to the Ben Logan School District.

Maverick Lyles is our new ag teacher. Mr. Lyles comes to us from Ohio State University and this will be his first teaching position. Maverick graduated from Wapakoneta High School. Mr. Lyles will be replacing Don Paullin who took a principal position at Pioneer Career Center in Shelby, Ohio.

Kasey Sanecki will teach English at the High School level. Ms. Sanecki earned a Master’s Degree in Integrated Language Arts from the University of Toledo and comes to us from Lake Local Schools. Ms. Sanecki replaces Aaron Eversole who took a position at Arcadia High School.

Travis Rettig will be moving from the elementary building to the high school to teach math and science. Travis will also continue to coach numerous Polar Bear teams during the year.

Carla Stevenson will be our new nurse this year. Ms. Stevenson will be moving from her sixth grade teaching position and will replace Elizabeth Spradlin who retired.

If you get the chance, please welcome these new folks to the community.

Doug Roberts

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