Today HN Jr. High and High School students had their 1st Quarter rewards day. A reward lunch was catered by 101 Smokehouse for students that are the leaders in GRIT points at the end of the 1st Quarter. It was for the top 20 High School students and top 10 Jr. High students.
The end of quarter reward activities were volleyball, chess, and spoons. Keep up the great work students as we start our 2nd quarter for the year!
Here are the Top HS Grit Leaders:
1. Cadence Coy
2. Mariann Woodruff
3. Ellie Curlis
4. Zeb Wilson
5. Heidi Trachsel
6. Katie Good
7. Bella Wilson
8. Makenna Eibling
9. Annemarie Minter
10. Kylee Legge
11. Lainey Thomas
12. Justin Thiel
13. Carl Woodruff
14. Kylee Clem
15. Abby Diller
16. Xander Wilson
17. Alyssa Heldman
18. Leif Trachsel
19. Jenna Legge
20. Ava Hopson
Top 10 Jr. High GRIT Students-
1. Cody Thiel
2. Milee Seabrook
3. River Guinn
4. Addy Bacon
5. Casey Clem
6. Olivia Camper
7. Brian Morales-Rivera
8. Baylie Bacon
9. Karli Sherman-Fath
10. Karson Kerns