Tuesday was the 5th annual Living History Day for Hardin Northern Elementary. The History Brigade hosted living historians from across the state as they made history come alive the various demonstrations and presentations. Students learned about life on the home front during both the Civil War and World War II from local presenters Tish Sampson and Carla Woodruff. Other presenters came from across the state to demonstrate Civil War artillery, Civil War infantry, and local history during the War of 1812.

Ms. Cross had students from her classes on Global Foods and Principles of Nutrition and Wellness present on the 1800s way of life by hosting their own Pioneer Wedding. There was food, games, dancing, and a campfire.

Students in the History Brigade welcomed students to a vintage schoolhouse setting complete with games and even a dunce cap! Other History Brigade students did first person portrayals of historical figures such as George Washington and Abigail Adams. Students were able to spend time visiting with Uncle Sam and even the Statue of Liberty.

Lastly, Mr. Foster took students for a stroll through the  Viking Age with a collection of clothing and weapons.

It was a great day for history!