Today the first G.R.I.T. House Challenge points were revealed during lunch.  Weekly updates on scores will track house leaders and those individuals that have represented G.R.I.T throughout the week.  At the end of this school year one house will be named the overall winner.  

Guts team is in the lead with 139 total points.  Resilience is right behind them with 138.  

Guts team top 3 winners for last week:

Mariann Woodruff-8 points

Jenna Legge-5 points

Heidi Trachsel-5 points


Resilience team top 3 winners for last week:

Carl Woodruff-6 points

Zeb Wilson-5 points

Kaylee Baker-4 points


Overall (Whole Year)  top 3 individual winners:

Mariann Woodruff-11 points

Carl Woodruff-9 points

Cadence Coy-8 points


Awards received for the winners-

High School:

  • Top 10 in each house– received a sucker
  • Top 20 overall– chose a prize (candy bars, sunglasses, stickers, socks, etc.)
  • Top House ate lunch first
  • All of the kids who received a sucker or prize today (top 10 per house and Top 20 overall) will also be entered into a drawing for larger prizes at the end of the quarter.

Junior High:

  • Top House– each student received a sucker
  • Top House– ate lunch first