In the fall of 2018 Hardin Northern local schools launched the G.R.I.T initiative.  The strategic objective was to introduce four specific core values to their students.  These values were Guts, Resiliency, Integrity, and Tenacity.  The initiative encouraged students, staff, and administration to analyze the difference between a growth mindset and a set mindset.  The process of creating a growth mindset has taken a lot of time and hard work but Hardin Northern was up to the challenge. Overcoming adversity, creating a strong work ethic, not accepting defeat, and finding courage within yourself were just some of the talking points that were integrated into classrooms and activities that fueled the hallways on a daily basis.

Hardin Northern did not stop there.  Last spring a student idea was proposed to the student government on how they could push themselves even further and continue their pursuit of a growth mindset.  The HN staff worked hard over the spring and summer to bring that proposal to a reality.  On the first day of school the Hardin Northern students were introduced to the G.R.I.T House Challenge.  Students were sorted into four specific houses.  Each house took the name of one of the G.R.I.T core values. Students were provided a school color t-shirt to signify which house they belonged to.  The teachers were grouped into specific houses as well and will serve as advisors throughout the school year.  The houses then went into breakout sessions where they designed house flags, created slogans, discussed their core values, and participated in team building exercises.  The houses will compete daily on trying to demonstrate their progress towards a growth mindset and stepping outside their comfort zone.  Teachers spoke to students about the ability to lift those up around them and provide support to those that need it most.  Quarterly house challenges will take place during the school year and those successful houses will receive rewards for their efforts.  Additionally, weekly scoring updates will track house leaders and those individuals that have embodied G.R.I.T throughout the week.  This will all lead up to one house being named the winner at the end of the school year.  Inevitably, all the students will benefit from the initiative as they each work to better themselves in the classroom, their service to their school, and their participation in all the activities that makes a student and their community Hardin Northern Proud!!