2021-2022 Academic Award Winners for Elementary. Way to go students! Congratulations on your accomplishments! #HNProud
Reading-Abel Sprang
Math-Isaac Moore & Dominic Hall
1st Grade-
Reading-Brody Hopson & Jesse Montgomery
Math-Calvin Rodabaugh & Conner Halsey
2nd Grade-
Reading-Aspen Hopson & Macie McBride
Math-Aspen Hopson & Tyson Good
3rd Grade-
Math-Vivian Wilson
Reading-Vivian Wilson
4th Grade-
Math-Rune Frater
Science-Presley Terhark
Reading-Presley Terhark
Social Studies-Brody Halsey
5th Grade-
Reading-Gio Noascono
Math-Gio Noascono
Science-Gio Noascono
Social Studies-Gio Noascono
6th Grade-
Math-Kylie Lenhart
Science-Treysen Eibling
Reading-Treysen Eibling
Social Studies-Kylie Lenhart
Pictured left to right- (Back Row)-Rune Frater, Brody Halsey, Kylie Lenhart, Treysen Eibling, Aspen Hopson, Vivian Wilson, Tyson Good, Gio Noascono
(Front Row)-Calvin Rodabaugh, Jesse Montgomery, Brody Hopson, Conner Halsey
Not Pictured-Isaac Moore, Abel Sprang, and Dominic Hall