For the past 2 weeks, Art 3 students in Mrs. Cano’s class have been working on creating Packing Tape People. After learning about Installation Art, students were to choose a visible space in the school where they could display their sculptures. Some students chose the hallway or the cafeteria, while others placed theirs in the library and even in classrooms. To create the sculptures, students had to wrap themselves in saran wrap one body part at a time to protect their skin and then layer packing tape over top of the seran wrap to provide strength and stability to the sculpture. Once all of the parts were completed, students worked together to build their sculpture, adding clothing that they made as well as props that helped bring their sculptures to life. This group project requires teamwork, creativity and even some bravery as you have to trust your fellow classmates to safely cut you out of each wrapped piece. The end results are great and each group proved to be successful!