The last two lessons by senior agriculture students were presented to the 6th grade classes.

First, Will Minich visited Mrs. Hoffman’s class, here is his take on the lesson. “It was a great time with Mrs. Hoffman’s sixth grade class. I showed them how our Aquaponics system works and what components go into our system to keep the fish as healthy as possible. They seemed to enjoy seeing all the fish swimming around and overall how the system works. I would also like to give a big thank you to Mr. Reeves for allowing me to use our Aquaponics system for this lesson! It was a great time teaching our younger students about agriculture as well as what they could look forward to as they start their junior high and high school career.”
Next up was Nevin Robson, visiting Mrs. Woods’ class. “Thursday afternoon I got the pleasure to teach the 6th grade class about the evolution of farming. I could tell they had a blast as they were laughing and talking non stop. They were such a lively group, I was glad I decided to present to them. Most of them knew way more than I did on farming and most of them want to be farmers when they grow up. I had a great time with Mrs. Woods’ class and I believe they enjoyed it too!”
The senior agriculture class would like to thank the Elementary teachers for their willingness to let them utilize class time to teach these lessons!