The ACT will be given for free to all 11th graders on Tuesday March 1 at Hardin Northern in the multipurpose room by the library. This includes the HN juniors that attend Apollo who are excused from Apollo for the day. The test will begin at 8:25 and will end around noon. 11th graders are allowed to bring snacks and drinks that they can consume during the breaks as they won’t eat lunch until noon. Apollo juniors will be dismissed as soon as the test is over, around noon. HN juniors will eat lunch at noon before returning to afternoon classes. Juniors should bring a couple #2 non mechanical pencils and an allowable calculator. Juniors were provided a list of non allowable calculators. Students may not have any electronic devices in the testing room that are not turned off and stored out of sight and can not access electronic devices at any time, including breaks. Use of electronic devices, even if the phone just makes a sound, will result in the student’s removal from the test and all test scores will be voided. Juniors are all registered and do not need to register themselves. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Wilson at extension 1202.