Beck’s Blue Jacket Recipients

Written by: Ellie Curlis, reporter


The Ohio FFA Foundation partners with Beck’s Hybrid Seed annually to provide the Beck’s Blue Jacket Program to Ohio FFA members. Beck’s seed dealers from the area, along with the headquarters, sponsor jackets for new FFA members. FFA members from all chapters can apply or be nominated to receive a jacket through this program, this year Hardin Northern FFA was fortunate enough to have 4 recipients. This year freshman Heidi Trachsel, Dylan Bacon, Kameron Frank, and junior Chloe Fall all were awarded an FFA Jacket. In order to receive a jacket individuals had to apply by or were nominated by filling out a google form describing some of the FFA activities they are involved in, and what it would mean to them to have their own FFA jacket. When asked why she wanted an FFA Jacket, Heidi Trachsel said, “I applied for the jacket so that I could have my own personal FFA jacket, and rock our chapter meetings.”  Other than the jacket just being a part of the FFA Official Dress, the corduroy jacket is an article of faith, honor and pride for all FFA members. The jacket unifies members in a long-standing tradition and reminds them that they are part of something bigger than themselves. In these FFA jackets members participate in CDE’s and learn the importance of hardwork, dedication, friendship, and love. Therefore, this opportunity is a great way not only for the freshman to save some money, but to get their own personal FFA jacket that symbolizes so much to every FFA member that puts one on.