HN Soil Team Success

Written by: Ellie Curlis, reporter


On Wednesday September 15, the Hardin Northern FFA Urban and Rural soils team had much success at the HN soil invitational!  Hardin Northern hosted the soils contest, with 16 other schools attending the event.  Hardin Northern had one urban team, three urban individuals, one rural team and three rural individuals compete at the event.  The Rural members consisted of Landon Wetherill, Zeb Wilson, Heidi Trachsel, Carl Woodruff, Anne Minter, Dylan Bacon, and Cody Miesse.  The Urban members were Bella Wilson, Aubry Smith, Leif Trachsel, Cooper Tomas, Preston Wykes, Wyatt Cramer, and Caleb Emerine.  The Rural Soils Team of Landon, Zeb, Carl and Anne were the county winning team, and contest winning team out of 36 teams!  Landon Wetherill placed 3rd individual high.  Zeb Wilson was the 4th highest individual.  Heidi Trachsel was 5th highest individual.  Carl Woodruff came in 7th, and Anne Minter was 16th highest individual out of 153 individual participants.  The Urban team also had much success! They were the county winning team, and came 3rd in the overall contest out of 25 teams.  Out of 103 individual participants, Bella Wilson placed 14th, Aubry Smith came in 17th, and Leif Trachsel placed 20th.  At the contest all of the participants took a general knowledge test then judged 3 soil pits.  When in the pits, the participants look at factors of the soil such as slope, drainage, soil texture, type of soil, depthness of pit, etc.  Both the Urban and Rural teams are excited to judge soil at districts on the 30th of September!