Written by: Ellie Curlis, reporter

On September 1, 2021 the Hardin Northern FFA chapter started off the year with a splash!  An ongoing tradition for the chapter at Hardin Northern is having the first FFA meeting being Luau themed.  Everyone dresses up in their Hawaiian shirts and gets ready to start the year off great.  This year there was a great turn out, with around 50 FFA members being present, and around 30 non FFA members, or guests, attending the meeting.  It is great to see so many parents come along with their kids to see what the Hardin Northern FFA chapter is all about, and learn a little about how the meetings are run.  After all of the members and guests came in and ate food, the FFA officers started the meeting.  As always the officers were a little nervous for their first meeting, but overall they said they really enjoyed getting to lead FFA meetings again.  When asked how he thought the first meeting went this year, Hardin Northern’s Sentinel and first year officer Cooper Thomas said, “I think the first FFA meeting went very well.  Before the meeting started, I was very nervous because of my reading part in the opening ceremony.  There was a huge word and I didn’t know if I was going to pronounce it correctly or not, but I overcame it and overall the meeting went well.” After the new business and old business was discussed the meeting came to a close, and there were yard games for all of the members to enjoy.  At the meeting you could choose to play Spike ball, Cornhole, Hillbilly Golf, or you could even go swimming in the pond.   Most of the members went for the cornhole boards, and a tournament even started between some of the members.  Third year FFA member and Treasurer for the Hardin Northern FFA chapter, Zeb Wilson, took part in the cornhole tournament.  He said, “The cornhole matchup was intense, but Nevin (senior and fourth year FFA member) and I got the job done and took home the victory in three games.”  It was nice to see some friendly competition among some of our FFA members.  While you could choose to play lawn games, others just sat and chatted amongst one another.  The Luau is always a great time for FFA members to chat with community members and talk about upcoming events for the chapter!  When first year FFA member Heidi Trachsel was asked about her favorite part of the Luau she said, “Getting to find how an FFA meeting is run and what it was like.”  Overall, the 2021 FFA Luau was a lot of fun this year, and all of the members are very excited for this year’s events!