By Alyssa Heldman

Beck’s Blue Jacket is a foundation run through the Ohio FFA that gives FFA members a chance to win a free FFA jacket. New members fill out an application and submit it to the foundation.  The applicants are sorted through and several are chosen to win a free jacket. Different from last year, The Ohio FFA Foundation added a nomination process so that some students may be completely surprised to win a jacket.

Hardin Northern had eight new members win a free FFA jacket this year. These members include Emmah Boose, Makenna Eibling, Kiersten Horn, Cooper Thomas, Landon Wetherill, Cadence Lamb, Haydyn Byers, and Carl Woodruff. Congratulations to all of you!

“Receiving this jacket makes me feel proud to be involved in the FFA program through Hardin Northern. I feel honored to have been accepted to receive the jacket from Beck’s,” stated Emmah Boose, a first year Hardin Northern FFA member.

Winning a free FFA jacket can mean a lot to any member who wins one. They feel a sense of accomplishment and it gives them an opportunity to represent the chapter they are so proud to be a part of.

FRONT L-R: Haydn Byers, Kiersten Horn, Makenna Eibling, Carl Woodruff

BACK L-R: Cadence Lamb, Landon Wetherill, Cooper Thomas, Emmah Boose