On August 4th, the governor mandated K-12 school districts in Ohio to put face protection on all students.  The governor was asked in his press conference if face shields could replace masks in the schools and while the governor suggested that masks offered better protection for others and self, he stated the shields meet the requirements of face protection.  I wanted to let all our parents know Hardin Northern has purchased both cloth masks and clear face shields for all students and staff.

We will ask all of our students to comply with the face protection (shield or mask) mandate with a few exceptions for health concerns. If you feel like your child may qualify for one of the exceptions, please contact the building principal.

List of exceptions:

  • Any child unable to remove a mask without assistance
  • A child with a significant behavioral/psychological issue undergoing treatment that is exacerbated by the use of a mask
  • A child with severe autism or with extreme developmental delay
  • A child with a facial deformity that causes airway obstruction.

In addition to our school issued cloth masks or shields, students may bring their own masks or shields including face shields attaching to a baseball type (billed) hat.

In accordance with our original plan students may be asked to wear a mask by a staff member or another student who has concerns for their health and safety for short periods of time when NOT able to physically distance themselves.  This situation will arise most often when students are working one-on-one with teachers and/or in small groups.

Parents who choose to keep students at home can still enroll in Hardin Northern through our online option.  The deadline for choosing this option is Friday, August 14th.  Forms for this option are available online or in the main office.

Online Features:

  1. Curriculum is at the same pace as the students who are in school so if your child comes back after the mandate is lifted they will not be behind.
  2. We will allow students the flexibility to come back when the mask mandate is lifted or go online if more restrictions are imposed.
  3. All videos, live lessons, resources, assignments and materials will be posted on Google Classroom. Everything will be in one place.
  4. Parents will be given access to their child’s Google Classroom so you will know what assignments are due and what your child needs to do daily.
  5. Parents will be trained on how to login and navigate Google Classroom.
  6. Teachers will have office hours available to supply help for your child daily. We ask that you make appointments before the office hours begin if possible.
  7. Appointments can be made for in person help during teacher office hours as the building is open.

We understand that flexibility is crucial during this time and we want to make every attempt to meet your child’s needs and supply the best education possible.