Grades 7-12

7-12 student that has completed their requirements for the year can start dropping off their materials on Monday, May 18, 2020, at the front of the building. Chromebooks will not be collected for grades 7-11.

Starting Monday, designated areas will be located along the front porch of the school. Each student needs to place the correct materials in the correct designated area. For example, 7th grade math will have a separate area than 7th grade science, 7th grade history, and 7th grade ELA. Also, please make sure to have your name located in all textbooks so that the materials can be documented.

Material collection will run from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday of next week.

***CHROMEBOOKS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED FOR GRADES 7-11*** 7-11 Students will be permitted to keep their Chromebooks over the summer and are expected to keep them in good, running shape. If you have any issues with your chromebook, please contact Mr. Emerine.

Grades K-6

On Thursday may 21st Hardin Northern Elementary will be hosting a celebration to honor our students for their hard work! We want to say thank you to our students and parents for all their hard work. We will also be giving back any left over student supplies and collecting computers, library books and textbooks if students have them.

We ask that you drive in the east drive and go to the back of the school like we drop off in the mornings. You will makeĀ the loop and our teachers will be there to cheer you on and say good bye for the summer. Everyone will stay in their cars. Mr. Halsey will be collecting school computers, text books and library books and will be giving you back any left behind supplies.

We will have 2 times available. The first session will be from 9 to 11 am. The second session will run from 4 to 6 pm. We hope to see everyone at Hardin Northern on the 21st. If it looks like rain on the 21st we could move it up to the 20th. We will keep you posted as the date comes closer.