1. Meal Plan Message – Free Meal Delivery to ALL Participants
    Thanks to our support staff (cafeteria workers and bus drivers), the Hardin Northern cafeteria will continue to serve FREE breakfast and lunch to any student or other resident of the district under the age of 18.  All meals will be delivered to homes beginning Monday, March 23rd.  If you need meals delivered please call the school at 419-759-2331 extension 1219.  Leave a message for Andy Ayers if he does not answer the phone.
  2. Free Internet for Students (Homes) – Spectrum
    Internet service is being offered free of charge through Spectrum for 2 months.  Spectrum is also waiving the connection fee. Parents who are interested in helping their child better participate in daily lessons during the time school is out of session may call Spectrum at 1-855-261-7300 or 1-855-243-8892 to set up installation.
  3. Continuing Education Process – GRIT
    Parents and students, we are asking for your feedback on our first experimental week of providing online educational services.  Please go to our website and take the survey. Your input is appreciated in helping to shape the delivery of content.
  4. Picking up and Dropping off Homework
    The front lobby will continue to be open from 8:00 – 4:00 daily to drop and pick up homework.  There are boxes labeled for grade levels.