By Jennica Herrod-Gonzalez

On May 19, Hardin Northern held the 2019 commencement of the senior class. This class was comprised of 26 seniors. Among these seniors, eight of them were on the Honor Court, five were given the Diploma with Honors, and five were in the National Honor Society. Four students out of the 26 students had all three.

There were three ushers, JoLee Herrod-Gonzalez, Hannah Flowers, and Megan Miller. These three juniors were chosen to lead the seniors to the stage because all three of them have a 4.0 GPA. Also, at the commencement there were two students, Gabby Weaver and Emma Miller, who gave speeches because they were best in class.

Later on in the ceremony, they announced this year’s Hall of Distinction winner, Lou Ann Harrold. They projected a short video of her addressing the senior class and talking about her experience in the 1953 class and choosing the colors of our school.

The seniors graduating all had strong feelings on their graduation. Morgan Pauley said this: “Commencement felt unreal and it still feels unreal. I can’t believe that I am no longer a student at Hardin Northern. I will forever love the memories and friendships I made there.”

The class of 2019, though no longer students of Hardin Northern, will not be forgotten any time soon because of the lasting bonds, memories, and imprints they’ve made on the students and teachers of our school.