By Joe Johnson

On May 16th, the Hardin Northern junior high and high school walked around the area cleaning our community. All grades divided into groups, while a special group of students stayed and had the important job of making all the food for the other students when the clean up was over.

For the past four years, the school has cleaned up the community at the end of the year, high schoolers cleaning outside of the school grounds, and elementary cleaning the school grounds. At the beginning of the school day, the students are assembled into the high school gymnasium to be assigned a teacher with which they will then go to their buses and begin the clean up. This takes several hours in which everyone in the school cleans the school grounds or the surrounding community.

After a long day of sun and trash, the students are brought to the Dunkirk Public park, which had been cleaned by a group of students prior, and then the festivities begin. The food is brought down and students and teachers relax and eat. After everyone has completed eating, then starts the recreational activities, such as basketball, cornhole, and other outside games.

Finally, after everything is done, and the park is cleaned up again, the students and teachers all head back to the school in which they are dismissed for the day. Many students love this activity and hope to see it again in following years.