I trust you received the annual report sent out a few weeks ago. If you have not had a chance to review the information included in that report I would encourage you to take some time to read through and review the exciting things happening at the school. This annual report continues to be a work in progress and you may notice we added a few things to this year’s publication. We will continue to analyze our data to help provide you with a broad picture of the progress we are making with the students we serve.

Within the annual report you will find a breakdown of our strategic plan with details about the direction and progress toward annual goals. Many goals included in the strategic plan are already accomplished, while other goals and strategies are well on their way to being implemented. Whether already accomplished or in progress, the district has met or exceeded expectations in most of the categories at this point.

Our academics remain strong in a time period when we are asking our staff to transform instructional strategies and in the designing of lessons in order to improve student engagement. To monitor and improve outcomes teachers regularly (weekly) review data points and reflect upon the progress being made by classes as well as individual students. The teachers continue to work on individualizing instruction to meet the unique needs of every student by designing lessons that will engage all students in the work. One of the areas of transformation taking place is the implementation of project-based learning and service-based learning projects within each grade level. An example of this is the development of the courtyard on the north side of the elementary wing. The sixth grade students have begun a multi-year project of developing this as a useful space and making it more attractive for visitors.

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