Superintendent Notes

On behalf of the Board of Education, staff, and students of the Hardin Northern School District I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2018.  I trust your holiday season was a time of renewing friendships and spending quality time with family.  I have a few updates to share with you as we begin a new calendar year.

In November the community elected Sara Stewart to the Board of Education and re-elected Kenny Hopson for a second term in that office.  The Board said good – bye and showed their thanks for the time Mr. Tim Roby gave to the district over the four years of his term as a Board member at the most recent December meeting. 

January, Board Recognition Month

Speaking of the Board of Education, were you aware that January is recognized by the State of Ohio as being School Board Member Appreciation month?  It is well-deserved recognition as being on the Board of Education often involves many hours of reading reports, serving on committees, attending school events, and of course, the monthly meetings.  Like so many local political positions, it is often a thankless job, but a very important part of the Hardin Northern leadership team. 

The Board plays many roles beyond decisions made in the formal meetings that include:

  • working on committees to provide feedback and expertise to school staff
  • acting individually and collectively to advise to the superintendent and treasurer
  • advocating for education and students on both local and state-wide issues
  • Board members are representatives of the local constituents. 

In successful organizations, leadership is about service and your current representatives provide great examples of that learning organization philosophy. 

For the coming year the members of the Hardin Northern Board of Education is as follows; Kenny Hopson, Chris Rodabaugh, Kathy Schroeder, Michelle Obenour, and Sara Stewart.  Please join me in saluting them for the work that they do for the district.   

Strategic Plan Update

Academics: At the midway point of the 2017-18 school year the district continues to make progress on its strategic plan.  Working toward completion of our academic goal the staff has engaged in professional development opportunities to learn more about Designing Student Work to meet individual needs and the implementation of project-based learning tools.  

We have a dedicated staff of professional teachers who are being empowered to design lessons and activities to maximize student engagement rather than lessons designed to promote rote memorization, or test taking strategies aimed to passing state assessments.  It is much too early in the process to fully evaluate the results of this cultural change but initial reaction and enthusiasm demonstrated by the staff and students who are using the new models of instruction are extremely promising.  

Communication: In supporting our communication goal, the district has executed most of the action steps and we need your feedback on how we are doing in fostering the relationship with our community through improved communications. 

Facilities: As for the enhancement of our facilities, if you have not driven to the back of the property to see the new softball field and updated baseball diamond please take a few minutes to make that drive.  You can access that via the stone drive on the east side of the school’s property. 

Elementary News

Armstrong Air and space Museum: 4th Graders at Hardin Northern had a visit from Olivia and Chris of the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. Teams of students designed balloon rockets and competed to see which one could carry the heaviest load. Students learned about life as an astronaut and were invited to sample and evaluate space food. They liked the chocolate ice cream the best!

Grade 4 Students Science Grade 4 Students Science