Hardin Northern Announces Hall of Distinction Recipients for 2017

2017 Hall of Distinction

Alvin G. Yoxsimer

Inducted – May 2017
Hardin Northern Class of 1962
Petty Officer 1st Class US Navy
Killed in Action in Vietnam 1968

A graduate of Hardin Northern in 1962, Alvin G. Yoxsimer was aggressively enterprising from early in life to the day he was killed by enemy fire. He was an average student at Hardin Northern, however, he was always looking to better himself and soar to skies seeing the world. He enlisted in the United States Navy while still in high school so that immediately after graduation, he went to the United States Naval Academy in Chicago, Illinois. Alvin successfully graduated from the Naval Academy in July of 1962 and was stationed at the United States Naval base in Brunswick, Maine, where he advanced rapidly to Petty Officer, 1st class. As a proud member of the Navy, he served in many parts of the world. Most of the time, he was not allowed to disclose his location to his family or friends. Alvin received training for the P-3 Orion, a highly sensitive, unarmed, reconnaissance plane used to find enemy submarines. He and eleven other crew members working on the P-3 Orion held super sensitive clearance as the plane housed top secret data and equipment. On April 1, 1968, the crew of the P-3 Orion which Alvin was a part of, was called upon to assist in checking on a Cambodian ship that was unloading cargo to sampans. This request was not a normal operation of this crew or plane. At the time, the crew and the Navy was unaware that one of their own Navy servicemen had turned Soviet Spy and informed the Soviets of the location of the P-3 Orion and its crew. The Orion took on enemy fire, and knowing the value of the highly sensitive equipment and data of the plane, the crew tried to return to their base 20 miles away. Within a few miles and in sight of the naval base, the plane could hold out no more and tumbled into the Gulf of Thailand, killing all 12 crew aboard. Due to the sensitive equipment and data contained on the plane, the U.S. Navy made every effort to recover the plane and crew so as not to allow recovery by the Soviets and cause a different outcome to the Vietnam Conflict. On April 8, Alvin’s body along with the eleven other crew members were recovered. Alvin received a Purple Heart; Air Medal; and Good Conduct Medal for his service. Alvin G. Yoxsimer died serving his County.

Robert J. McBride

bob mcbrideInducted – May 2017
Hardin Northern Class of 1957
Occupation: Agricultural Education Teacher and Farmer

Robert J. McBride graduated from Hardin Northern School in 1957. His 1957 school annual prophesied him to become a leader in agriculture. In 1961 he received his Bachelor of Science Degree from The Ohio State University. In 1964 he received his Master of Arts Degree from The Ohio State University. He attended the Marion Branch of OSU for his first two years when it originally opened in 1957 and was recognized at their 50th year celebration as the first student to go to the main campus of OSU and graduate with a four year degree. While at OSU he was inducted into the Gamma Sigma Delta Agriculture Honorary. He taught Vocational Agriculture for three years at Delphos and then 27 years at Hardin Northern. In 1979 he was selected as the Outstanding Vocational Agriculture Teacher of Ohio. He received the Honorary State FFA Degree in 1974 and the Honorary American FFA Degree in 1980. In 1981 he was recognized by the Ohio Farm Bureau and given the Cooperative Education Award. In 1982 he received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Agriculture at OSU. In 2004 he was inducted into the Hardin County Agriculture Hall of Fame. In 2010 he was made an Honorary Fair Director and Honoree. He worked with OSU and had the privilege to supervise 34 student teachers. He served as Secretary, Vice President, and President of the National Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association. He served as National Vice President of the National Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association, serving six states. He served as Vice President and President of the Ohio Vocational Association. He served as a consultant to the National FFA Board of Directors, member of the AVA Ag Division Legislative Committee, member of the American Vocational Instructional Materials Committee and was Chairman of the 50 year OVATA History Committee. He was the first Chairman of the Agriculture Teachers and Extension Agents of the American Institute of Cooperatives, was Chairman of the Committee to relocate the NVATA office from Lincoln, NE to the Washington, DC area, and was a member of the National FFA Judging Committee. Locally, he has been a Sunday School teacher, a 4-H advisor for 54 years, Hardin County Fair Director, a Hunter Safety Instructor, and continual supporter of the Hardin Northern FFA. It was his goal to inspire the students he taught, and he is most proud of those students’ many accomplishments. He gives much credit for his success to his wife and family. He has fulfilled his lifelong goal of becoming a farmer.