By Hardin Northern Reporter, Crooks

On May 11 the Hardin Northern FFA hosted Ag Day in the classrooms in the morning and out at the FFA building in the afternoon. Ag Day is when FFA members can bring in different objects related to agriculture and elementary students get to learn about the different things and how they work. They also learned about MyPlate. This event was put on by the senior and junior Ag Business and Food and Meats class. The objects that were brought in were goats, lambs, calves, a rabbit, pigs, a tractor, and a fake cow were you could milk it. While learning about MyPlate they were able to do various things like in Dairy they learned how to make butter and were given ice cream afterwards, in Fruits the students were given fruits, in Grains they made goo from corn starch, in Vegetables they were given various types of seeds to plant, in Protein they made a model of a protein and in Sweets they played Bingo with Skittles. AG Day