Students in Mrs. Uitto’s English 8 class recently wrote business letters as part of a project. Students learned about business letter format and the purposes for writing business letters (to compliment, to complain, or to make a request). After brainstorming companies and individuals to write to for each purpose, students picked one letter to write. Each student went through a multi-step proofreading process to assure that their letter was ready for a real life reader. Once the letters were ready, they were addressed and mailed.

Mrs. Uitto has done this project in the past and always tells her students to be realistic in their hopes for responses. “Students may get generic form letters back from bigger companies. Sometimes we get really lucky and someone will write a personalized letter in response, or a restaurant will be generous enough to send the student a coupon or a gift card. Some students just don’t get responses, but it never hurts to try,” Mrs. Uitto explained to her class.

So far, the class has only received one response, but it was a great one! Mason Roby wrote a letter to professional golfer Phil Mickelson, complimenting him. Roby also wrote in his letter that he has attended several tournaments and has tried to meet Mickelson in the autograph area before, but has never been able to get an autograph. This week Roby received a response from Lagardere Sports in a big First Class Mail envelope.  Inside was an autographed photo of Phil Mickelson!

This is by far one of the coolest responses Mrs. Uitto has seen while doing this project. Now the other students in the class are really hoping for impressive responses to their own letters!