On May 9th a select group of seniors joined Mr. Foster as they visited the National Air Force Museum on the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. These sixteen seniors earned the field trip as a reward for their high scores on their State End of Course exam for Government. While at the museum the students completed a photo scavenger hunt and explored exhibits focusing such famous events as the Berlin Airlift and the dropping of the atomic bomb.

Most students singled out the newly opened Presidential Gallery as their favorite.  Of particular interest was the retired Air Force One that served eight different presidents. Students could walk inside and see where Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office and even see where the casket that held John Kennedy’s body was kept.

According to senior David Allen, “If I would have to choose one thing from the whole trip to pick as my favorite exhibit, I would definitely choose the Air Force One plane walk-through. The plane itself was gigantic but the inside was the coolest part. You were allowed to walk through the inside letting you see everything from the kitchen to the living room all aboard the airship. Air Force One aside, the whole trip in my opinion was excellent. I learned immense amounts of knowledge without having to be stuck in a classroom.”