By: Cassie Miller

January is not only the start of a new year, but also the start of scholarship season for many high school seniors. Many organizations and businesses have just started to announce their scholarships for the spring, so students have begun filling out applications for every scholarship possible.

It can be very expensive to attend college and scholarships are a great way to help eliminate some of the costs. Scholarships vary in the amounts awarded and many give awards to several people, not just the best applicant.

There are lots of different types of scholarships out there for seniors to apply for. Some scholarships require applicants to write an essay while others simply require an application. This makes it easier for all students to apply for some sort of scholarship.

Most scholarships are very competitive since they are open to seniors at other schools rather than just Hardin Northern. It is important to plan out your applications in order to submit the best application possible. Students are encouraged to include activities they are involved in at school and outside of school to show that they are well-rounded.

There are many different places to find scholarship opportunities. The most popular place is the Internet. There are websites dedicated to searching for scholarships or you can visit the guidance website for a list of scholarships that are more specific to our area. Many students can also acquire scholarships from their parent’s employers. This is a great opportunity because these are only open to their employees family members, making them less competitive.

Scholarship season is a stressful time for many seniors, but with the help of the Internet and other resources, finding and applying for scholarships should be a smooth process for all students.