By: Cassie Miller

Every year, Hardin Northern’s FCCLA organizes a blood drive to help collect blood for the American Red Cross. Any student or community member who is older than sixteen is encouraged to donate blood. If 35 pints of blood are collected, the Red Cross will give a $250 scholarship to one senior at Hardin Northern. FCCLA officers gave presentations to students in grades ten, eleven, and twelve in hopes of getting the most participants possible.

This year 28 students and community members donated blood and 25 pints of blood were collected. The Red Cross said that 75 lives will be saved by those 25 pints. 

Even though the goal of 35 pints was not met, the Red Cross can still give the scholarship later this year. The organization offers the same scholarship drive to the FFA program during their blood drive in February. If more than 35 pints are collected during the FFA drive, the FFA can “give” the extra pints to the FCCLA to help them meet their goal. If that happens, two $250 scholarships would be given by the Red Cross.

In order to donate blood, there are strict requirements that all donors have to follow. All men have to be at least five feet tall and weigh at least one hundred and ten pounds. For women, there are specific weight requirements for each height up to five feet and five inches. Each donor is also tested for the amount of iron in their blood. Many young women are unable to donate because their iron levels are too low.

The process of donating blood can be a good or a bad experience, depending on the donor. Some people have no problem giving blood while others have passed out or had major bruising from the needle.

Hardin Northern’s FCCLA chapter and Red Cross would like to thank everybody who took time out of their day to donate blood. Blood is in high demand right now, so every pint counts!