By: Cassie Miller

In order to reward students who do their school work, Mr. Cano planned a few activities that took place during homeroom last week.

The purpose of the homeroom activities is to shine a positive light on students that are doing their jobs as students. It is time to start rewarding students for their hard work,” said Mr. Cano.

Any student who did not have any missing assignments, office referrals, or F’s in their classes was allowed to participate. It was a great time to get outside and burn some energy before completing the rest of the school day.

For the first day’s activity, the seniors, sophomores, and eighth graders battled the juniors, freshmen, and seventh graders in an intense game of kickball. A few teachers also joined in on the fun. Mrs. Kieffer played on the junior, freshmen, and seventh grade team and Mr. Lynch, who happened to be subbing that day, helped out by calling foul balls.

I decided to take part today in the kickball game today because 1) it was a beautiful day outside and 2) I like to have fun, too (contrary to popular belief),” said Mrs. Kieffer.

On the second day, students who were still eligible played dodgeball. During the first round, the seniors and sophomores took on the juniors, freshmen, and junior high students. It was a tough game, but the junior, freshmen, and junior high team defeated the seniors and sophomores. For the second round, in lieu of the upcoming college football rivalry game, Ohio State fans went against Michigan fans. Unfortunately, the bell rang before the match ended, but the Ohio State fans greatly outnumbered the Michigan fans.

Mr. Cano hopes that these activities will help motivate students to become more responsible and conscientious when it comes to their schoolwork. He thinks it is important to show students that their hard work is appreciated.