By: Morgan Pauley

On Friday, November 11th, Hardin Northern High School had an assembly to honor all the veterans in the area and to thank them for all that they have done for our country. The assembly was put together by the Student Council. The assembly started off with Lydia Rush giving a speech to welcome the veterans. Afterwards, Sebastian Bejarano announced the songs for each branch as they played over the loudspeaker. Those in attendance were encouraged to stand if they served in or knew someone in that branch of the military.

Bejarano said, “I volunteered to do a lot of work because many of my family members were and still are in the service.  I felt that being active in the Veteran’s Day assembly was a way to say ‘thank you’ to not only my family but to all of the veterans in our community.”

The most touching part of the assembly was the reading of all the veteran’s names. It was very interesting to see just how many people the student’s know that are serving for our country. Most of the Student Council members had a list containing a number of names for them to read off. Lydia Rush then gave a closing speech to end the assembly. The local veterans then formed a line so the students could shake their hands and thank them on their way out.

To thank the veterans, the students invited them to eat lunch with the Student Council on the stage. After they finished, the Student Council walked them out and thanked them one last time for all of their bravery and sacrifices for our freedom.