By: Lexi Wilch

Everyone knows that Mr. Cano used to be a history teacher at Hardin Northern and that he is now the principal. What people might not know is that Mr. Cano has implemented many new rules to make the learning environment at the school better.

Mr. Cano said, “One of the biggest differences in being a principal versus a teacher is the way that I get to interact with everyone on a daily basis. As a teacher, you have your daily interactions with students, but it limits your daily interactions with other teachers and students that you do not have in class.”

Mr. Cano has already made many changes for the better. He has changed homeroom rules to make the period more productive and even has activities sometimes during the period. Homeroom shouldn’t be a wasted time and he is making sure it isn’t.

When asked about the teacher-to-principal transition, Cano said, “Many people would think that transitioning from the classroom to the principal’s office would be difficult, but that has not been the case. The key reason that the transition has been smooth is because of the support of the teachers, the staff, the students and other administrators. Everyone has helped in supporting the transition and we are starting to see the positive outcomes throughout the school.” 

The school year already seems better after all of the changes that Mr. Cano has implemented, and it will only get better from here.

“Many people have asked whether I like being a principal more than a teacher and it is not always easy to answer. The easy answer is that I love being an educator, whether it be in the classroom or as an administrator. I love going into the classroom and participating, but I also love being able to be involved in so many different areas of our school and the educational process. If you can make a positive impact, it really does not matter what your title is,” said Cano.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing what other new changes will come.