High School Sports Recaps

High School Football Recapdsc_0246
By: Cassie Miller

Hardin Northern’s varsity football team ended their season with a record of 3 wins and 7 losses. Coach Dennis said that the expectation levels were very high because of the amount of seniors and returning lettermen, but injuries and “a lack of depth” caused issues for the team. Even though they would have liked to have a better record, the team improved on their record in the NWCC by defeating three teams including Ridgemont, Perry, and Waynesfield-Goshen. Logan Taylor, a senior football player, said: “My favorite part of football season was spending it with my brothers on the field and going out everyday and giving it our all.” The senior members of the team have shown a lot of leadership on and off the field and will all be greatly missed next season.

img_0984High School Cross Country Recap
By: Shelby Alloway

Cross country has finally come to an end.

“There is no bench in cross country,” said senior cross country runner, Kamryn Hopson. “The long runs don’t always feel the greatest but it’s time to think, and it keeps you in shape, so it’s really worth it. Cross country teaches you to really push yourself even when you think you can’t anymore. You don’t have to be the fastest person on the team, just as long as you push yourself. As Coach Cook always says, ‘it’s about running your race, finish what you start.'”

At the NWCC Conference meet, both the boys’ and girls’ teams placed 2nd. Individually, Nicholas Bame placed 1st, Francesca Bejarano placed 4th, and Kaylynn Cook placed 5th. The senior (Bame) and the freshman (Bejarano) were both able to qualify for the Regional race this year. Great job this year, cross country team!

Cheerleading Season Recapdsc_0197
By: Lexi Wilch

The cheerleaders this year planned some fun activities to do at the two assemblies. Catherine McMillion, a senior, said, “Some of the best parts of the season was getting to cheer for the boys win or lose.” When asked about how she thought the season went for the group, McMillion said, “I think that we did good as a group this season.” 

The cheerleaders are looking forward to the upcoming basketball season and getting to cheer for the boys.

High School Volleyball Recapimg_0985
By: Shelby Alloway

The high school volleyball team had a decent run this year. At the beginning of the season, they were ranked 10th in the state and were undefeated for a good number of games.

“My favorite highlight from the season was our game against Pandora Gilboa,” said Holly Wilson, a team captain and senior player. “We played like a team, and played for each other. You could tell when we were playing that we all wanted to win that game so bad and prove to the BVC that we could still play with them. All of the extra hustle that game paid off in the end and it made everyone proud to be a Polar Bear. My high school volleyball experience came with so many great opportunities. I got to get so much closer with the girls in my school. From my Freshman year looking up to my sister (Molly) and her Senior class, all I wanted was to be like them. I hope that I have been a role model for the underclassmen like she was to my age group. If you are ever considering going out for volleyball, please do. It will teach you so many lessons that you’ll need further in life from patience to dedication. It truly is an amazing experience.”

The volleyball girls ended their season with a winning record of 17-6 and placed third in the NWCC Conference. We are very proud of you girls!

Marching Band Recap
By: Lexi Wilchdsc_0118

With the football season coming to an end, so is the marching band season. Mariah Burton, a senior, said, “I think the band did amazing this year. Learning all the new music, the new steps to the formations, it’s really a lot of work. I can speak for the color guard as captain, I am very impressed by how much the girls learned in such a short time. They did excellent.”

Lydia Rush, also a senior, said, “I thought football season went great! Some of the best parts of the season was being able to ride the bus to the away games and listen to music and talk to friends!”

Junior High:

dsc_0892Junior High Football Recap
By: Morgan Pauley

This year the junior high football team killed it with a record of 7-1. Despite having multiple injuries, the boys were able to fight through and make a great season. By only losing 1 game, the 8th grade boys are leaving the junior high with one of the best records in a long time. 8th grader Lance Good said, “Next year I’m looking forward to being on the High School team. I am also looking forward to lifting and being able to play at a higher level.”

Next year the junior high boys will definitely be a crucial part of the high school team.

Junior High Volleyball Recap7th-grade-volleyball
By: Cassie Miller

This year’s seventh and eighth grade volleyball teams both had very successful seasons. The seventh graders had an undefeated record and ended their season by winning the NWCC 8th-grade-volleyballchampionship. Even though the seventh grade record was hard to top, the eighth grade team maintained a winning record of 8 wins and 7 losses. Both teams ended their seasons with winning records, but even better relationships with their teammates. 7th grader Georgia Grindell said, “I really liked being together with the whole team, we worked really good together.”