By: Cassie Miller

Students in Mrs. Bejarano’s Spanish II class created board games for their first quarter assessment. Many students made new versions of classic children’s games, like “ir pescado” (which means “Go Fish”), Clue, and Twister. Emma Miller said, “I chose to make a version of Clue because it is one of my favorite games to play.” Madison Robson chose to take a different approach and created a completely new game. The only requirement for the assignment was that students had to include vocabulary from their textbooks that dealt with food.

After all of the games were created, students got in groups of two or three people to play each other’s games during class. Many students were very competitive while playing the games. Eventually, a group of students playing “ir pescado” convinced Mrs. Bejarano to join in on the fun. Brady Lamb said, “The best part about playing the games is that you can see how creative other people were with their ideas. It was a lot of fun.”