By: Shelby Alloway

Last week Mr. Rettig’s 8th Grade Science class had an excavation lab project to help them learn more about fossils.

Mr. Rettig gave me some insight on their project. “To start, students made mold fossils out of a small item and play-doh.  Next, we made the cast fossils by filling in the mold with sediment (cement).  I buried these fossils in the long jump pit and made a grid (similar to the ones used in a real excavation site).  The students then dug in their grid section to locate their fossil. The fossils included dinosaurs, lizards, pigs, and flowers. Once the fossil was found, students documented the location in their grid (including depth) and the size (length, width, height) of the actual fossil. Using these results, we determined which fossils could be index fossils.”

The 8th graders seemed to have enjoyed their fossil digging experience. “It was fun to dig in the long jump pit. I also got to learn what an index fossil was so that was cool,” Lucas Wilson said. “It was fun to dig the fossils up and to learn what a mold is,” Madison Grappy said.

Maybe these 8th graders will grow up to be paleontologists and travel the world finding the next best fossils. Maybe they’ll never remember anything at all about what they’ve learned. At least they seemed to have fun doing it.