By: Shelby Alloway

It was a little too easy for the senior Powerbuff team this year. This year’s Powerbuff Tournament helped raise money for “Tackle for the Cure,” a fundraiser that helps raise money for cancer which was sponsored by the HN football team this year.

In the first round of tournament play the senior team, “Crop Top Power,” took on the freshman team, “Wii Not Fit.” Let’s just say it was not a very close game. Two members of “Crop Top Power,” Logan Lease (who is actually a junior) and Brayden Haley (an actual senior), took it upon themselves to lay down on the court in the middle of the match to display their level of boredom playing against “Wii Not Fit.” “We just played like a bunch of animals. At one point Logan and I took a nap on the court while we were serving since the freshmen couldn’t get it back over,” Haley said. Like I said before, it was not a very close game.

The junior team of only four players, “Black Mambas,” took on the sophomore team, “Abusement Park,” in another blowout game, but not in the way you would expect. “Black Mambas” actually blew “Abusement Park” out of the water, which is very surprising since they didn’t even have enough players to be considered a full team. The match-up between these two tedsc_0870ams was very interesting to watch considering the lack of players for “Black Mambas.” Bryce Hipsher from the junior team had to be carried off by his fellow teammates due to an unfortunate but comical injury (he was just being dramatic). “Well the team was something special alright. We were the team to make fun of until we won our first game. Also I got hit really hard in a bad spot,” Hipsher said. Even through Hipsher’s issue(s), “Black Mambas” were able to pull off the victory.

Their excitement came to a sudden halt against “Crop Top Power.”  The senior team dominated the small junior team, resulting in the championship win. Maybe next year the junior team can win it all. I guess we will just have to wait and see.