By: Lexi Wilch

On Tuesday, October 4, the current Anatomy class and some students from last year’s class, taught by Mrs. Souder, took a field trip to the University of Findlay to visit the cadaver lab and have a campus tour.

In the cadaver lab, students were able to see and feel the muscles of two cadavers and compare them to each other. Students also were able to hold a brain and a lung and they got to feel a heart as well as see the inside of it.

Catherine McMillion, a senior, said, “The cadaver lab made me realize I might want to change my major in college.” Kylie Arn, also a senior, said, “The cadaver lab made me feel very grossed out and I never want to go back.”

After they finished up in the lab, the students were greeted by three college students who were going to give them a tour. And the first stop was lunch. The students ate lunch in the college dining hall where they were treated to free lunch.

Mikalea Ayers, another senior, said, “My favorite part of the trip was probably eating lunch in the dining hall.”

Next, they headed off to the rest of the tour. They got to see the main building and even got to go into the dorm room of Derrick, the mascot of the university.

The students wanted to go to the gift shop so they could spend all of their money on university gear. After that the students were sent back to school and made it with fifteen minutes to spare.