By: Morgan Pauley

The night started as the Homecoming attendants rode in their cars around the track. Then they were called and walked down the football field along with the community king and queen and last year’s Homecoming king and queen. As each of the senior attendants walked down the field, everyone got excited to find out who the new king and queen would be. When Kenzie Kater and Storm Drumm walked down the field, everyone’s eyes were on them, anxiously awaiting the announcement. Then the moment everyone was waiting for: the 2016 king and queen were Andrew Stump and Kamryn Hopson.

After the announcement it was time for football. The game was against Lehman Catholic. The Bears started off strong as they scored the first touchdown. Afterwards the Cavaliers came back fighting. The Bears tried to hold them, but the Cavaliers are a strong team. The Bears played very well against a hard opponent. In the end the Cavaliers ended up with 49 points. The Bears only scored 14, but they gave it their all and played tough.  Lance Lease said, “ I was feeling as if it were my final game. Even though we lost, that didn’t stop from me giving it 100%. I felt as if I were never going to play again.”

Even though it was a tough loss it didn’t break the Bears’ spirit. The students were still proud of the football team and were ready to celebrate at the Homecoming dance the next night. It was a sad night for the seniors who played or cheered at their last Homecoming game. Lexi Garmon said, “It was really bittersweet knowing that I won’t ever be able to cheer for the Homecoming game again because that is always the most pumped up game.”