By: Morgan Pauley

On October 5, the Hardin Northern students celebrated Homecoming Week with the annual bonfire. The bonfire was held at the school after the parade and right before the Powder Puff game. At the bonfire all the students show an enormous sense of pride in Hardin Northern and it gets the students excited for the homecoming game.  

The firemen lit the fire while the band and cheerleaders got the crowd pumped up. The football boys we very excited as they put others on their shoulders and backs. The crowd was very excited for the game and they showed it through loud cheers and yells. The cheerleaders lead numerous cheers which made the group of people be even louder.

During the bonfire Andrew Stump gave an inspirational speech to the whole group. After Stump’s speech he forcefully threw the balloon dummy of a cavalier into the fire. The band and cheerleaders then took off again filling the air with joyous noise. The crowd went crazy as they praised the football boys and supported them for the homecoming game. Kylie Arn said, “ I will miss when the boys give a small speech and throw the dummy into the fire. I also like watching them hit the car. It was very bittersweet Wednesday at the parade and bonfire. I still can’t believe that I am a senior.”

The boys then destroyed a car decorated for the homecoming game. All of the football boys had three swings with a sledge hammer. They were not allowed to hit the glass, but they still left the car in ruins.

The bonfire and the car smashing built a huge amount of pride and excitement heading into the homecoming game.