By: Morgan Pauley

The second and last pep rally of the school year was on October 7th to celebrate the homecoming game that night. For the first time all of the sports teams varsity to midgets were announced as they walked or ran in. It made the elementary athletes excited that they got to be acknowledged. The teams then all sat in individual groups.

The cheerleaders and the band then pumped up the crowd and built excitement. Next the cheerleaders called all the homecoming attendants down and explained this year’s homecoming court activity.

The activity began when one member of the couples put tights on their head with a ball in one side. They had to knock over water bottles with the ball. After the teams finished they would move on to the next challenge. The other member of the  couples had to put Vaseline on their nose and attach a cotton ball to it. They had to shake off the cotton ball without using their hands. The first three to finish moved on to the last round. The first couple was the freshman attendants Megan Miller and Eli Cooper. The second couple was  senior attendants Cassie Miller and Bradlee Watts. And the final couple was senior attendants Kamryn Hopson and Kolten Garman. Lydia Rush said, “I thought the homecoming pep rally was awesome! The games were so funny and different and I loved them!”

In the final round, the boys had to put shaving cream on their faces while the girls threw cheese balls at them trying to make them stick. After the time was up, the cheerleaders counted them up and the pep rally king and queen were Megan Miller and Eli Cooper. Miller said, “I was overjoyed because who doesn’t want a Burger King crown?”

The pep rally made everyone ready and excited for the game. It also built excitement for the homecoming dance.