By: Lexi Wilch

With Homecoming approaching this weekend, the student body was asked to vote for the Homecoming Court. This year the Miller sisters: Cassie (a senior), Emma (a sophomore), and Megan (a freshman) were all hoping for votes.

The sisters wanted a “Miller Sweep,” which would occur if every Miller sister took a spot on the Court. During the first pep rally of the year the principal, Mr. Cano, announced the Court and, surely enough, they all got a spot.

Cassie said, “I was really excited because I wasn’t really expecting us all to make it on court, so it was a big shock to me,” And, when asked why this was so important to her, she said, “It is important because it is my last year to be on court and it is even better that I get to share the experience with my sisters.”

When asked why it was important to her, Emma said, “It is our only year to all make it on and we did it!” And when asked about her reaction, Megan said, “I was mentally screaming and surprised I wasn’t physically screaming.”

You can see the Miller sisters and the rest of the HN Homecoming Court tonight at the Homecoming Royalty Ceremony before the football game.