By: Shelby Alloway

Powderpuff wasn’t as intense as last year (seeing as no one got their teeth knocked in) but it still was entertaining to watch. The girls were all decked out in their pink and purple jerseys ready to destroy each other in a “friendly” game of football.

The juniors and freshmen wore the pink jerseys and the seniors and sophomores wore the purple. Both teams were coached by multiple players in their respective grades from the HN football team. There were even some “cheerleaders” that made a special appearance. 

Mikalea Ayers, a senior volleyball player, gave her opinion on her last year of playing Powderpuff ever. “I’m going to miss this. I live for Powderpuff. I think if we were suited up in a helmet and pads it would be quite the show! I highly recommend playing Powderpuff for those who did not participate this year. Now you won’t have to worry about me tackling you, I’m not that mean.”  

Quinn Stewart-Evans, a freshman volleyball player, showed her enthusiasm on playing Powderpuff for her first time of her high school career. “It was really fun. It was kinda cool to see what the boys do on Friday nights- that’s what I found the most interesting. I was really surprised at how aggressive some of the girls got. I have never seen that side of them before until last night. Overall, it was a great and fun experience and I would recommend it to the people who didn’t play.”

dsc_0500 The seniors and sophomores dominated the juniors and freshmen 35-7, showing no mercy on the field. Holly Wilson, the senior quarterback, along with fellow seniors Bailee Waller, Mikalea Ayers, and Catherine McMillion led their team to their third straight victory with their lucid running and deceptive offensive and defensive techniques.

The juniors and freshmen, however, weren’t so lucky. Quarterback Quinn Stewart-Evans tried to get her team in the game with her good arm, but was unsuccessful. Juniors Cassidy Deckling, Madison Robson, and Selena McCoy helped rally them to their first, and only, touchdown. McCoy was put in as quarterback in the second half and she threw a sweet ball to Robson for the touchdown. Deckling was a nice defensive factor for the juniors and freshmen by getting multiple “tackles” and “sacks” (because tackling was not actually allowed).

From this Powderpuff game we have realized that these girls are fierce competitors that will just not give up. Even though the seniors and sophomores won (by a lot might I add), the juniors and freshmen never lost their spirit and were still able to keep the game interesting. Watch out football boys, the girls are coming for you!