By: Cassie Miller

On September 20th, Mrs. Uitto’s Journalism class went to a Jostens yearbook workshop at Wapakoneta High School.

Yearbook staff members who attended were Cassie Miller, Shelby Alloway, Lexi Wilch, and Morgan Pauley. Our Jostens representative, Karen Dufrane-Baidel, was in charge of the event and Kari Whisler led the workshop.

Topics that were discussed during the day were yearbook themes, coverage, taking good pictures, captions, and page designs. In between topics, donuts were served to all who attended the workshop and students participated in short activities.

During our first break, we were challenged to take pictures using different techniques discussed. Some of us took pictures while standing on tables, while others took pictures of other members jumping off of tables. After that, each person came up with a unique and interesting caption to accompany their chosen picture.

Despite a few minor complications concerning the donuts, everyone had a great time bonding as a staff and learning many new skills that will make our yearbook the best it has ever been.

Morgan Pauley said, “I learned how to properly take interesting photos using different camera angles. One picture I took while I was laying on the floor and looking up at Shelby.”

All in all, the day was very productive and the staff brought back many new ideas for this year’s yearbook.