By: Lexi Wilch

This year Mrs. Klir, the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, is offering a new class. The class is Textile Design, where students learn about the process of creating and selling textiles that get turned into things such as clothes and furniture.

One student in the class, Jasile Adkins (a senior), said, “I definitely would recommend the class if you are thinking of pursuing a career in fashion or if you are creative at coming up with different designs. The class teaches you a lot about the careers in the making and advertising of apparel and some of our projects really rely on you coming up with a design based around a certain theme.” 

Another student, Anna Koehler (also a senior), said, “ I like the class so far. I think it is very interesting. I would recommend it for other students.”

The first project the class did after the fair was creating ties for the male staff members. Students were asked to pick a male staff member and email them about their ideal tie, and then design three for them to choose from. The ties were then displayed in the hallway outside of Mrs. Klir’s room so everyone could see them. The male staff members told the students that designed their ties which one was their favorite of the three.

Now the students are working on a new project and there will be many more to come.