By: Morgan Pauley

This year new principal Andrew Cano started to do homeroom competitions between the grades. The student have been excited about the homeroom competitions and are willing to do all it takes to win.

Cano said, “I started the homeroom competitions to bring back some of the spirit that I think we have lost over the years. Homeroom competitions used to be fierce and were taken very seriously. It was a sense of pride to be better than other homerooms and I think it is important to take pride in everything you do. I also think that it is okay to want to win and want to perform at higher levels than others. In life, not everyone gets a trophy, but it should be our goal to drive all students to want to be better.”

The first homeroom competition was to make a chant or cheer that the cheerleaders could adopt. Mrs. Cano’s senior homeroom won the chant competition with their loud chant and use of drums.

Last week the competition was to write a story and come up with a name for our beloved polar bear mascot. Each homeroom teacher had their students team up or individually write stories about how the polar bear got its name. Afterwards they submitted some of the favorites to the judges. Cano was disappointed in the lack of good stories and names. For now, the bear will remain unnamed.

Mr. Cano hopes that with making these competitions, it will make the students better at writing and also inspire some more school pride. Most people are enjoying the competitions and are eager to win. Cano said, “As for the future competitions, they are not set in stone yet, but they will focus on continuing to build school spirit and teamwork. There will be some surprises down the road as well.”